Philosophy of Religion

The Gospel of Weak Belief    The Existence of God  The Divine Attributes  

Wondrous Trinities Everywhere  Three Types of Divine Power (summary)  

Three Types of DivinePower  Free-will and
  God and Freedom  

On the Nature of the Soul   Last Judgment as Self-Judgment

Process Theology
Abortion, Persons, and the Fetus 
Hebrew Henotheism

After Death Experiences in Tibetan Buddhism and Zoroastrainism

Last Judgment as Self-Judgment: Kant, Autonomy, and Divine Power

Feminist Theology  Religious Liberalism and the Founding Fathers

Chilling Parallels: Christian and Islamic Fundamentalism
Hindu Fundamentalism

God is not a Scientific Hypothesis  (PDF) 
God, Reason, and the Evangelicals

Divine Omniprescience: Are Literary Works Eternal Entities

Religious Syncretism  When Did Jesus Die?
Buddhist and Hebrew Selves

Religious Syncretism and Unification Theology  On Making God’s Acquaintance